Fireborn Review

Review by Shannon

Fireborn is set in a fantasy world revealed in bits and pieces. We learn of different clans: the cave clan, the grass clan, the river clan, and others. There was a war long ago, a war between witches and goblins, monsters and hunters. In the long centuries after the war, the world of Ember has many traditions that must be followed to keep the peace and to keep the clans strong.

Twelve is a huntling. She’s an orphan, and she’s lost everything: her family, her home, her clan, even her name. She has come to Lodge to train to become a Hunter, to fight against the many monsters that would disrupt the hard-won peace of Ember. Twelve has a lot of trauma and grief in her past that she doesn’t want to deal with, but she’s going to have to as she gets sucked into an ever more complex mystery.

This is a very well-written book that would be perfect for younger readers who like Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, Erin Hunter, and Philip Pullman. (And it would be good for older readers who like those authors, too!) There are some darker themes, so it might be good for parents to be aware of when it comes to more sensitive readers. I found this to be a very gripping and engaging story and would definitely expect to see a sequel.

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