When They Find Us Review

Review by Laura L.

FBI Agent Victoria Heslin finds herself in a plane crash with a few other survivors. No worries, right? Help will be along quickly. What Victoria and the others don’t know is that their plane ventured way off course, so far off course, they’re in the vast snow-covered wasteland that is Greenland. They were supposed to be going to Spain, so even if rescuers are out looking for them, they are looking in the wrong place. The survivors do what they can to save themselves: stay warm, find food, nurse injuries, strategize. But as the days drag on, the bickering starts, the accusations fly, the bear shows up. The FBI is assisting in the search, and they soon discover this was no run-of-the-mill accident. But can they find the survivors in time?   When They Find Us is a survival story and a mystery all rolled into one. I always enjoy survival stories – I think I read them with the thought that I’ll learn something, and if I ever find myself in a life or death situation, I’ll remember what to do!   When They Find Us is part of the Victoria Heslin series but can easily be read as a standalone.

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