King’s Disease II Review

Review by Aleesha

Score: 5/5 Records

Popular Tracks: EPMD 2, Rare, YKTV

Personal Favorite Track: Nobody (Ft Lauryn Hill)

Small Overview:  One of the pioneers of the golden era of hip-hop, Nassir Jones, known as Nas, dropped King’s Disease II to let everyone know he still has the will and power to complete an amazing album. Usually, Nas’ albums are a bit intense with huge social commentary and political construction criticism. This album, of course, has some of that but has more of the perspective of a well-rested, introspective, and reflective Nas. Nas is known for not having many features and using lots of different producers. For King’s Disease II, he changes up by using mostly one producer, Hit boy, and recruiting the likes of rappers of his status like EMPD, Lauryn Hill, and Eminem. It’s very nostalgic for people who grew up on this artist. I had goosebumps hearing Lauryn Hill, who has been musically elusive for over two decades. King’s Disease II also serves as a testament that Nas still has it, and there is more to come.

More in Depth Analysis: King’s Disease II is the perfect mix of old and new. It has plenty of sample-based 90’s hip-hop style tracks like in “Nas is Good” and “Nobody.” It also has samples with more current style hip like in “EPMD 2”. It’s Nas’ way of staying relevant and true to his sound and fan base. Some songs even have a balance between the two hip hop styles, like in “Moments.” Overall, this album feels like the start of a comeback for the well-respected rapper of over 30 years.

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