Books and Libraries Review

Review by Darla

A small book of poetry filled with wondrous things.  To start, I have always loved the small books published by Everyman’s Library; they fit neatly in a pocket, hidden away; a pocket filled with secret joys.  Such satisfaction to pull out a little book while waiting for the receptionist to call your name.   And this one, full of things so close to my heart.  An entire book dedicated to all things ‘book’.  Chapters of poems about bookstores and libraries and reading books and loving books.  So gratifying to open any page and have your eyes light on a poem by Pablo Naruda or Emily Dickenson or Maya Angelou, and then read their thoughts and notations about books?  Heaven.  I found this very hard to return to the Library shelf, so I bought one for my own pocket.  I recommend it to any poetry lover and/or book lover.

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