Enough Already Review

Review by Andrea

Valerie Bertinelli takes us on a journey of the past 2½ years (2018-2021) in her autobiography, Enough Already, the audiobook version. You remember Valerie from the 70’s sitcom One Day at a Time and the mid-2000s Hot in Cleveland. Along with several Food Network shows. She is funny, loud, opinionated, smart, and pretty.  

Valerie opens up about her adorable son Wolfgang Van Halen (better known as “Wolfe”), frustrations with her weight, and losing her ex-husband, rocker, and soulmate, Eddie Van Halen comforting him through the final year and moments of his life.

Hearing her voice is like being in the same room with her. You are the therapist listening, and she is the client pouring out her heart about everything. 

Valerie speaks candidly and often about her weight and her resolve to, as she puts it, “Learning to Love the Way I Am Today.” She even shares some of her favorite recipes throughout the audio recording. One of which she says you have to make prior to listening.

The wonderful thing about listening with headphones: there is no hissing sound, no deep breathing. Just Valerie, her inflections, her heart.

You are just there for the journey, her journey, and maybe yours.

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