The Good Son Review

Review by Laura

Jacquelyn Mitchard gives us a searing story about life after prison. Thea’s son, Stefan, is only 17 when he’s sent to prison for killing his girlfriend, Belinda. The real challenge for Stefan AND Thea begins when he is released. Stefan is a young man trying to get his life back on track, but there are obstacles at every turn. He’d like to go to college, date, and do all the things that other 20 years old do. But Belinda’s mother is forcefully against his progress. Thea is facing her own challenges with Stefan’s release. From her job, her own family. From Stefan, even. Thea is trying to understand her son, how this happened to him, what she did wrong, and what happened the night Belinda died. She wants to know, but she doesn’t want to know. But the only real way to make peace with the situation is to find out what happened. The heart of this story is about what prison does to families. How hard it is to resume life after release. How hard it is to face people when this happens to you. How hard it is to move on. How hard it is to find forgiveness. How hard it is to forgive yourself when, after all, what is forgiveness? A beautiful, beautiful, gripping story about circumstances that you hope never happen to you.

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