Come Clean Review

Review by Aleesha

Score: 4/5 Records

Popular Tracks: Control, Blurry, She Hates Me

Personal Favorite Track: Drift and Die

Small Overview:  This is the debut album of local band Puddle of Mudd. In fact, they created their name based on practicing close to the Missouri River, which was very muddy. They were the talk of the town when they released their biggest hit, “Blurry,” in 2001. Puddle of Mudd capitalized on the timing of popular rock genre of the time post-grunge when releasing this project. The days of grunge bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Candlebox were pretty much over. This was a band that was able to carry over some of the grunge music attributes while mixing a pop influence. Thus making Come Clean gain mainstream popularity.  

More in Depth Analysis:  The technique that this band utilized on just about all their songs was how they formatted their songs to escalate dynamically. Let me explain; at the beginning of most of their songs, it starts off with an acoustic riff melody over vocals. And if you haven’t noticed, the drums are missing! By the next verse, the electric guitars are turned on with more vocal tracks added. The drums lazily arrive with simple rhythms just to help keep pace. To bring the song to a climax, Puddle of Mudd turns those guitars into distorted overdrive, the vocalist belts out the hook, and the drums crash in without mistake! The idea was to paint a picture of what is happening on this record, but it’s just best to check it out from our library. Trust me.