Trivia Time: Baseball Trivia

Do you love trivia? Do you want to beat your friends at Trivial Pursuit, dominate pub trivia night, or always know the right answer during Jeopardy? Try our trivia time lists! This month’s theme is baseball.

Baseball for Kids: A Young Fans Guide to the History of the Game by Adam MacKinnon

The Baseball Fanbook by Gary Gramling

The MLB Encyclopedia for Kids by Brendan Flynn

The Everything Kids’ Baseball Book: From Baseball’s History to Today’s Favorite Players – with Lots of Home Run Run in Between by Greg Jacobs

Guinness World Records 2022

Images of Baseball Series

Legacy of Blue: 45 Years of Kansas City Royals History & Trivia by Mark Stallard

The Ultimate Kansas City Baseball Trivia Quiz Book by Phil Dixon

Baseball Trivia: Royals, Monarchs, Athletics, Blues, and More by Brian Howell

Incredible Baseball Trivia by David Nemec

The New Book of Baseball Trivia by Wayne Stewart

The Baseball Quiz Book by Kevin Snelgrove

Baseball: Ken Burns

Baseball: An Illustrated History by Geoffrey Ward