Requiem Review

Review by Aleesha

Score: 5/5 Records

Popular Tracks: Forgotten, Start the Healing

Personal Favorite Track: Worst Is On Its Way

Small Overview:  An interesting dichotomy this time around with Korn. It’s pleasing to hear a more refined sound from Korn. Korn’s sound is notorious for being gritty and dirty with lots of distortion and overdrive. There’s plenty of that but with a more formatted and guided Korn. Don’t get me wrong, the essential Korn from the 90s is very much present on this album but with hi-fidelity. Dark minor chords and dropped tuning are all present but with a clearer presence. Pretty cool to hear. Korn does not lose the intensity of their sound at all. The lead singer Johnathan Davis dynamically moves his voice throughout the album. From the singing of melodies to belting out notes to deathcore growls. I’m no psychic, but for sure future movies are going to use songs from this Korn album due to the intensity of the emotion of the songs within the record.

More In-Depth Analysis: There are always three major musical themes with Korn. Dark, gritty, and the switching of meters. Korn has plenty of songs in drop D tuning (and I wouldn’t put even lower past them), which creates a dark, harsh, and fierce song. The filters on the guitars and vocals create a dirty and gritty effect. While the drums can transition from playing in four to playing in counts of three. And how could I forget the ambient delayed guitar noises? The best song that has all of these themes is “Worst is On Its Way.” This song even has the iconic “rock scatting” (for lack of a better term) that Johnathan Davis does that lyric websites would not attempt to phonetically decipher. Think of all the early attributes that made this group musically famous with a better creative direction and sonic execution.

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