My Best Friend’s Exorcism Review

Review by Lucy

Readers are in for a fun, nostalgia-ridden, wild ride when they pick up Grady Hendrix’s My Best Friend’s Exorcism. I had the opportunity to read and listen to this book, and depending on what your reader preference is, you will find a highly enjoyable experience. Throughout the book, there are snippets of quizzes like those found in high school-aged magazines, and the after-book section is designed like a high school yearbook. While listening to the audiobook, I was grabbed by how skillfully the narrator breathed life into each character from this fairly large ensemble keeping me engrossed from start to finish. Hendrix explores the nuances of growing up and the high school experience through two best friends who have been each other’s person since a fateful E.T. birthday party. This book will have you questioning what is going on with Gretchen and second-guessing what you think you know, all culminating in a highly unconventional exorcism of sorts. Hendrix masterfully crafts relatable strong-female characters in a fast-paced and compelling fashion. Readers will find the dark humor a nice entrance or palate cleanser for those jumping into the horror genre. I heartily give this a 4 out of 5 stars for the whimsy and pure fun I experienced in this book; my only complaint is that #thedogdies

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