3 for Fans of Baseball

Do you love baseball? Try these!

The Natural by Bernard Malamud
Roy Hobbs is a talented athlete whose promising career is derailed by a youthful indiscretion. When Roy makes a comeback as an aging player, his struggle to achieve greatness in the midst of recreant temptations becomes the subject of an epic story about our national need for heroes and our simultaneous desire to see them fail. 

The Cactus League by Emily Nemens
Jason Goodyear is the star outfielder for the Los Angeles Lions, stationed with the rest of his team in the punishingly hot Arizona desert for their annual spring training. Handsome, famous, and talented, Goodyear is nonetheless coming apart at the seams.

Double play by Robert B Parker
Joesph Burke, a veteran of World War II and a survivor of Guadalcanal, is hired by Brooklyn Dodgers manager Branch Rickey to guard Jackie Robinson. While Burke shadows Robinson the bodyguard must also face some hard truths of his own, in a world where the wrong associations can prove fatal.