Straight From The Barrio Review

Review by Aleesha

Score: 4/5 Records

Popular Tracks: B.M.F., Already Broken, ‘Til the Break of Dawn

Personal Favorite Track: B.M.F.

Small Overview: Ok, so huge heads up… This is heavy. Heavier than heavy metal. Upon a Burning Body is an intense (look at the name for proof) metalcore/deathcore rock band from San Antonio. What makes them stand out is they are Mexican and give homage to their heritage throughout their records. They do this by speaking Spanish, adding Latin melodies, and talking about their culture. They use lower tunings on most of their music to give them an even heavier and dark sound. This album is awesome. Great guitar riffs and melodies. Hooks are catchy. Surprising positive lyrical content juxtaposed with harsh thrash rhythms and intensity. Most of the songs are about trusting your own instinct over the judgment of others. Awesome display of musicianship due to the speed, lower tunings, vocals, and complex song format. They complete all of this while making sure the music is coherent and sounds good.

More In-Depth Analysis: One of the most interesting aspects of this album is the ability of Upon a Burning Body to mix completely different genres and make it sound awesome. They incorporate different Latin genres with metal and deathcore throughout the album. It does not sound like it will mix, but it does. The mixing creates a different sound or different sound emulation altogether. For example, on “B.M.F.” leading up to the chorus, the lead guitar does a melody that sounds like music from a western film. While this is happening, this fast thrash metal beat is going on in the background. Both of those dichotomous sounds together ended up sounding like a fast rock theme of your favorite anime show. It’s pretty cool, honestly. Check it out from Hoopla! But remember, it’s very, very heavy!

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