Bad Singer Review

Review by Ellen K.

Part memoir, part informational book, Tim Falconer tells his story of being a bad singer, trying to improve his singing, and what he learned about singing and tone-deafness, more properly called amusia, along the way.

Although I love music, I’m not usually one to read about music. I want to hear it, not read about it. This book, though, was well worth the read. Being told in the form of a story, that of his journey to try to learn to sing better, helped keep it interesting. It wasn’t just reading about music; it was reading about someone’s life and their interaction with music. Plus, as someone who finds singing pretty automatic, it was interesting to read the perspective of someone who’s a bad singer, whose relationship with music is different than mine.

If you like music and enjoy singing, whether or not you are good at it, you’ll enjoy this book.

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