Trivia Time: Color

Do you love trivia? Do you want to beat your friends at Trivial Pursuit, dominate pub trivia night, or always know the right answer during Jeopardy? Try our trivia time lists! This month’s theme is Color.

What is Color? 50 Questions and Answers on the Science of Color by Arielle Eckstut

The Secret Lives of Colors by Kassia St. Clair

Color Index: Over 1100 Color Combinations, CMYK and RGB Formulas, for Print and Web Media by Jim Krause

Full Spectrum: How the Science of Color Made Us Modern by Adam Rogers (also on Hoopla)

Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours: Adapted to Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Anatomy, and the Arts by Patrick Syme (also on Hoopla)

The Secret Language of Color by Joann Eckstut

Living Color by Steve Jenkins

Blue: In Search of Nature’s Rarest Color by Kai Kupferschmidt

Indigo: In Search of the Color That Seduced the World by Catherine McKinley

The World According to Color by James Fox

True Color (book series) by Valentina Zucchi

Understanding Color in Photography: Using Color, Composition, and Exposure to Create Vivid Photos by Bryan Peterson

Color by Karen Speerstra

How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals

Color and Light