Procrastibaking Review

Review by Lucy

Erin Gardner captures the heart and spirit of the fine art that is Procratibaking with her cookbook of the same title. I loved every minute of this cookbook! The recipes are simplified but detailed enough for a novice baker to follow, and I marked all the recipes that I will be trying in the coming weeks. No recipe goes beyond 24 steps, and that was a cake, so really, does it count? The pace and flavor of the humor sprinkled throughout the cookbook make it enjoyable to work from. This is a must-add book to any library collection and a must-read for baking and cookbook enthusiasts alike. By discovering a new round of recipes to dive into, the reader will be able to put off yet another load of laundry and finesse their baking skills and bring joy to themselves and those around them. After all, Procrastibaking is one of the oldest forms of self-care that exists.

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