Fire & Blood Review

Review by Lucy

Were you a fan of the hit tv show Game of Thrones and have found yourself still looking for a way to fill the void? If you have not picked up George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, it is a must. Written as a historical text recounting the first century and a half of Targaryen rule, readers will find themselves thrust into a world of privilege, dragons, and power. From the very beginning of Aegon the Conqueror’s rule Westeros has been an undercurrent of unease around the reigning dragon lords. Whether it was the faith of the seven not condoning interfamilial marriage to the small folks and lords alike being disquieted by the potential for gross cruelty and insanity found within the line. Stretching from the Conquest to the fallout from the Dance of the Dragons, readers will not be disappointed in diving into this world-building installment for George R.R. Martin’s World of A Song of Ice and Fire

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