Lucy by the Sea Review

Review by Laura

Lucy Barton (My Name is Lucy Barton) and her ex-husband, William, isolate themselves in coastal Maine at the beginning of covid. William understands that covid is going to be a life-changing event. He has to work hard, though, to convince Lucy to get out of New York City when the pandemic hits. Lucy believes him when he says it will only be for two weeks, so she reluctantly goes. What follows is months and months of isolation, fear, anxiety, and loneliness. As these two ride out the pandemic, there is much thoughtful discussion on their past, their kids, and their lives. The longer they are isolated, the more they begin to get on each other’s nerves, and little things begin to irritate them. Something we can all relate to! Strout is just so fantastic at making you feel like you know these characters. They could be someone down the street. They could be you. Real people with messy lives, just trying to figure it all out. 

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