Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Review

Review by Darla

I loved this book.  And I never would’ve guessed that going in.  This novel is about virtual worlds, gaming, game design, and creation, not one thing I’m familiar or comfortable with.  But these two people are captivating.  At a young age, Sam and Sadie meet in a hospital after Sam’s car accident.  They spend hours playing video games and forming an unbelievable bond.  Then, as things will happen, a misunderstanding breaks into their world and keeps them apart until they spot each other on a college campus eight years later.  A minute later and they are working together to create a virtual world that brings them fame and fortune.  Together, they make perfect worlds, but in the real world, nothing is perfect.  This book is about friendship, love, grief, loss and so much more.  It is book is so well written and so easy to read; I was sucked in from the very beginning.  My favorite kind of book. I didn’t even know I was reading; the beautiful words just fly by!  Normally, I would recommend readalikes here, but honestly, I can’t think of another book like this one.

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